Vuil voël bust



August 2, 2016
Vuil voël bust

BESTIALITY: Man, 21, raped a goose in Gaansbaai. CREDIT: Sourced

Man is arrested for sex encounter with arme goose.

A man’s lus for somebody else’s goose has landed him behind bars.

The 21-year-old man was arrested after neighbours caught him with his pants down, getting his freak on with the bird.

Lindeka Thwala, 41, says she heard the ganse making a huge racket just before 7am last Wednesday in Masakhane, Gansbaai.

When her husband went to investigate, he caught the young man with his pants down, holding the goose over his crotch.

“He said, ‘hy n*** die gans’ and then he is going to kill it,” recalls Lindeka.

She says the poor gansie’s anus was “wet and stretched” after its ordeal.

“That goose couldn’t even walk. It was lam and just lay there,” says Lindeka.

The shocked woman then ran to call the owner of the flock of geese.

The owner, who asked to remain anonymous, says when she arrived at the scene and asked the young man what he wanted to do with her goose, he told her he was going to “rape it, kill it and cook it”.

“He was drunk and onbeskof. He said they must call the cops because he committed the sin. I don’t know if he was referring to the rape,” says the 52-year-old woman.

She was so angry that she didn’t even check the goose for injuries.

“But afterwards the bird just lay there and slept the whole day,” she says.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel André Traut has confirmed that the suspect was arrested for raping a gans in Gansbaai.

“This office can confirm that on 28 July a 21-year-old man made a court appearance in Hermanus on a charge of bestiality following an incident on 27 July in Masakhane, Gansbaai involving a goose.

“The matter is still under investigation,” says Traut.

Meanwhile, the goose couldn’t be found but the owner is adamant that she doesn’t want it.

“I just want him to give me the money to buy a new goose. I don’t want to eat a goose that might have been raped,” says the woman.

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