[VIDEO] ‘Baby killer’ attacked in jail



September 9, 2016
[VIDEO] ‘Baby killer’ attacked in jail

ATTACKED: Peter van Tonder, 35

Suspect asks court for medical attention, autopsy reveals tot died of brain damage.

A man accused of killing his girlfriend’s one-year-old daughter has called for medical attention after he was apparently assaulted in jail.

Meanwhile an autopsy has revealed that his alleged little victim, in addition to cigarette burn marks and bruises on aher tiny body, also had broken ribs and that she died due to extensive brain damage.

Peter van Tonder, 35, a suspected drug addict, made his first appearance at the Bellville Magistrates’ Court on a charge of murder yesterday after being arrested at his workplace on Tuesday.

Prosecutors are set to prove Van Tonder beat and burnt his girlfriend’s tiny daughter, Asheeqah Scott, inside his hokkie in Kalossie Street, Roosendal, Delft on Saturday.

The child was rushed to Red Cross Children’s Hospital the same night, but passed away on Sunday due to brain damage.

Asheeqah’s ouma, Farieda Scott, 62,

Van Tonder emerged from the holding cells wearing a blue jeans and top, and had badly bruised eyes.

He immediately informed the court that he had been moered by prisoners and asked for medical attention.

The magistrate agreed to his request, and ordered Van Tonder remain at Bellville Police Police station holding cells until September 15 for his next appearance.

Shakiera Scott, 24, the baby’s mother, sat within touching distance of Van Tonder in court.

The two have been dating for five months, and Shakiera said she left the child in Van Tonder’s care for less than two hours on Saturday while she was busy with chores.

“I sat in court and I couldn’t believe I was sitting so close to my child’s killer,” the devastated mom says.

“The autopsy showed old and new bruises [on Asheeqah’s body]. Also that her ribs were broken and that the cause of death was brain damage because there was bleeding.”

Asheeqah’s angry ouma, Farieda Scott, 62, had not sympathy for her grandchild’s alleged killer.

“He wants to complain that his body is sore but how didn’t that baby suffer, he tortured her to death by beating and burning her,” she fumed.

“He must still go to the cells the weekend, then he is going to see what they are going to do to him.”

Shakiera’s emotional cousin, Jacky Light Burn, 31, adds: “Hulle moet hom nog vrek moer!”

Van Tonder’s father was also at court but didn’t want to speak to the Daily Voice.

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