FOUND: Bombing device

Police arrested two would-be ATM bombers after a gang tried to blow up a machine in Mitchells Plain.

The botched ATM bombing took place at the Morgenster Shopping Centre in Beacon Valley yesterday morning.

Two men found with detonator cords were arrested, the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) said.

“It is alleged that early [on] Thursday morning about eight suspects stormed into a local shopping complex, they then headed for the ATM and before they could place what appeared to be explosives, the local security intervened and shots were fired in their direction,” spokesperson Captain Lloyd Ramovha said.

“The suspects then placed explosives on the ATM and it detonated, the safe wasn’t breached and they fled the scene empty handed using an unknown getaway vehicle.”

Ramovha said police doing routine patrols in Lentegeur, along Samantha Street, stopped and searched two men who were on foot. Police recovered detonator cords that were found in their possession.

The men, aged 24 and 38, are expected to appear in Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court soon, charged under the Explosives Act, Ramovha said.