Twitter reacts to #BuckinghamPalace meeting



May 4, 2017
Twitter reacts to #BuckinghamPalace meeting

CREDIT: Twitter

Queen calls an emergency meeting, but it wasn't all that important after all, says Twittersphere.

After hours of waiting in suspense for the Buckingham Palace’s answer on what the ’emergency meeting’ was about, people as usual took to social media to express what an anti-climax it was.

Earlier, a Buckingham Palace official told The Associated Press that a meeting of royal household staff had been called, but that there is “no cause for concern.”

BBC Royal correspondent Peter Hunt also tweeted the meeting is not related to the health of either the Queen or Prince Philip.

Turns out, the Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, just wanted staff — and the world — to know the Duke of Edinburgh, 95, has decided that he will no longer carry out public engagements.

And this is what Twitter had to say about it…

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