IMPLICATED: Major General Veary says the claims are false. CREDIT: Sourced
A gang informant has made sensational claims linking a Cape top cop to the Cape Flats underworld.

The allegations were made in an affidavit which was drawn up in MEC Dan Plato’s office and has been leaked to the media.

It accuses Major General Jeremy Vearey of:

  • Taking money and orders from prominent gangsters
  • Applying for the post of police commissioner on the order of a gang lord
  • Receiving R2 million from Czech crime kingpin Radovan Krejcir.

Vearey has denied all the claims made by the piemper and insists it is all a smear campaign by the Democratic Alliance.

The informer, who cannot be identified for security reasons, says he decided to spill the beans because Vearey was a dirty cop who needed to be exposed.

“Vearey thinks he is untouchable, he must stop being portrayed in the media as a good cop,” the man tells Daily Voice.

But Vearey, who is the provincial police deputy commissioner for detectives, hit back, saying Plato was on a mission to destroy his reputation after he successfully convicted several high flyers, including former Hard Livings gang boss, Rashied Staggie.

The affidavit was drafted and stamped at Plato’s Wale Street offices in Cape Town by an advocate on February 28, 2016.

The piemper claims he has worked for two well-known gang leaders, one a 28, and that Vearey was in cahoots with them.

The man says he “needed to come clean” and wanted to break ties with the gang world after he was part of a hit to kill Nathaniel Moses, aka Nigga, in January in Strand.

He claims the man who ordered the hit had given Vearey instructions to apply for the position of provincial commissioner.

Vearey says this is the second time his life had been placed in danger by Plato.

In 2013, Plato gave the media an affidavit by an informer, Pierre Mark Wyngaardt, from Tafelsig, who claimed Vearey was linked to gangsters and that senior ANC members were involved in drug trafficking and other crimes.

Vearey says a contract was placed on his life and he had to get bodyguards.

He says: “It was said now I can be attacked, I am a fallen mapoosa (cop). Plato’s nonsense has caused the threats on my life.”

The former Umkhonto we Sizwe soldier says: “I declined in the past to say anything but after this, it needs to stop. This is a personal attack against me tied to my political history.

“This is normal for (the DA) to leak rumours. They generate a statement to create a climate of suspicion.”

Plato tells the Daily Voice he is glad the affidavit has been leaked, so that mense can “know the truth of the underworld.

“I am not saying Vearey is guilty. This person came to the offices and said they needed to speak, and not to the police, I told them I will get an advocate to draw it up. If I receive information, I have an obligation to act on it.”

The author was due to meet both Vearey and Plato yesterday.

Commenting through a spokesman, Aurin Daniels, the author says: “Jeremy Vearey’s time is over that is why I did this.

“Whatever was leaked is the truth.

“I sat next to this gangster when Vearey called him to say he was on duty for the weekend.”

The man added: “Vearey doesn’t stand a kat se kans now, he cannot be on the payroll of gangsters.”