OUTSPOKEN: Tony Ehrenreich, Cosatu secretary general

ANC stalwart Tony Ehrenreich has for the first time spoken out against Jacob Zuma and the ruling party’s leadership.

The City of Cape Town councillor and Secretary General of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) in the Western Cape blamed Zuma and the “Black Elite” for the ANC’s poor performance at the municipal elections, and says “Zuma needs to go”.

Ehrenreich shared an old photo, in which he was tagged, on Facebook on Friday, writing: “This was back in the day, when our principles guided our movement. I luv this movement of the people. Gotto get rid of the leadership destroying the ANC, starting with President Zuma. [sic]”

Tony’s Facebook post says ANC used to be principled. SOURCE: Facebook

Yesterday when Daily Voice contacted him, Ehrenreich stood by his words, saying Zuma and his leadership should take responsibility for the ANC's poor performance in the municipal elections on August 3.

“Our leaders are trapped in extravagance. The Black Elite enjoying the fruits of this country is just like the White Elite, led by President Zuma. It is not the media bad-mouthing the ANC, it is the actions of the leader and the lack of accountability that is making people run to other parties.

“The DA (Democratic Alliance) did not win the people’s vote, the ANC lost it,” says Ehrenreich.

“Our people have spoken; they will vote ANC but they will not vote for Zuma. It’s time to clean up ship and Zuma needs to go, hy willie hoor’ie.”

Ehrenreich said the views were his own.

Cosatu’s national office did not respond to telephone or email queries.

Meanwhile, another tripartate alliance partner has denounced Zuma, saying he was responsible for the ANC’s worst electoral performance since 1994.

While the SACP has refrained from calling for Zuma to step down, the party said it was clear that opposition parties had capitalised on the weaknesses directly related to Zuma, including the Nkandla debacle.

The SACP’s central committee was meeting at the weekend and is expected to take a strong stance on the reasons behind the ANC’s poor performance at the polls.