WORRIED: Shamiela Glen, 46

A Flats family who survived a petrol bomb attack at their home say they fear a local gang will strike again.

In the early hours of Monday morning Shamiela Glen, 46, and her family had to run for cover in their own home after it was hit with a petrol bomb.

The Tafelsig woman says she was alerted by her son-in-law’s screams; he then tried to douse the flames with water.

“The minute he threw water on it, the flames obviously got bigger and we had to get everyone out the house,” Shamiela tells the Daily Voice.

Shamiela says she believes the house was targeted because of her brother’s ties to the Dixie Boys gang.

“My brother doesn’t belong to the gang but he smokes and gambles with them,” she says.

“I was awake (on Monday) and inside my room when I heard someone forcing the side gate open.

“But they couldn’t open the gate to get to my brother’s place. I heard someone at the window.

“I thought it was my son-in-law trying to close the window,” she says.

Moments later Shamiela heard screams and rushed into the living room which was already engulfed in flames.

She says she rushed to wake her family before their whole house was in flames.

“A Fancy Boy was stabbed 36 times about a week ago by a Dixie Boy,” she says.

“They think we are housing the Dixie Boys here, maybe that’s why this happened.

“We managed to douse the flames ourselves and we are still waiting for the police’s forensics to come out.

“We all live in fear because they are going to come back.”