Suspected gangster arrested after shooting three people in Soetfontein. CREDIT: Sourced

An alleged gangster was arrested on charges of attempted murder just two months after similar charges against him were withdrawn.

The man was arrested on Monday morning after a shooting at Soetfontein near Pearly Beach outside Gansbaai on Sunday that left three people injured.

According to police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk two groups of about 50 people were involved in a fight on Sunday afternoon.

A police source has confirmed that the shooting was over illegal perly smuggling.

“The suspects fired shots at them, threatened them to leave their area. Three persons were wounded. They sustained arm, leg and stomach wounds,” says Van Wyk.

But according to a source, the victims were the trouble makers.

“But they (victims) didn’t know the others had guns too. So the guys from Hawston shot at them first,” says the source.

The suspect along with three tjommies were arrested on January 2 after they allegedly went on a shooting spree in Hawston on New Year’s Day which left one man seriously injured.

They were released in May after two charges of attempted murder relating to the shooting were withdrawn.

The suspect is due to appear in court today on charges of attempted murder.

Anyone with information about Sunday’s shooting can call CrimeStop on 08600 10111 or Warrant Officer Hayes on 028 384 0201.