Anovuyo Ndamase, 5, disappeared from home on March 1, 2015

The man accused of bludgeoning five-year-old Anovuyo Ndamase to death has denied killing the child, claiming her body had “mysteriously” appeared in his home.

Yesterday Bongani Dlamini continued to testify in his defence at the Western Cape High Court where he is charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of the little girl.

Anovuyo disappeared from her Nkanini home in Khayelitsha on March 1, 2015, before her body was found wrapped in black bags and stuffed in a rubbish drum four days later.

Police found a hammer and bedding covered in Anovuyo’s blood at the accused’s home on the day he was arrested.

Dlamini claims a day after Anovuyo disappeared, he woke up to find a “strange” refuse bag in his bedroom.

“I opened the bag and I saw the back of a head. At first I thought there were clothes in the bag but after I felt it, it was hard, so I opened it,” he said.

“I got scared after thinking it must be the missing child, I looked around the house for a letter or something written on the walls [to explain the discovery].

“I then went to the storeroom and at the door I saw the child’s dress, her panties and inside the storeroom was a duvet covered in blood.”

The accused said he became afraid of what the community would do to him if they found the body there, so he decided to clean up the blood on his floor, and put her clothes in the black bag with her body before hiding it in his shack.

He threw out the body two days later when it started to smell.

When State Prosecutor, Advocate Alta Collopy, asked how his semen got onto a pillow case found along with the bloody duvet, the accused said it might have been during sex with one of his girlfriends two days before the murder.

He explained: “When you have sex you do more than one style, there is a style where you put a pillow under a woman’s back to elevate her.

“It could be that when I ejaculated, the pillowcase was there when I used that style.”

The case continues today.