MUSIC MISSION: Local singer Roeshdien Jaz CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Mitchells Plain singer Roeshdien Jaz is on a mission to reach as many aspiring singers and musicians as he can.

The Inside and Out singer is a board member of Music Exchange which hosts an annual conference where mense in the music industry come together and share ideas.

Now Roeshdien, 38, is offering singers and songwriters, who can’t afford the tickets, to attend the conference for free when it takes place at GrandWest Market Hall on September 8 and 9.

Ticket prices range from R120 to R250.

Growing up in Westridge, Roeshdien says he’s all too aware that there are youngsters out there who are talented, but can’t afford to attend the Music Exchange programme.

“This is a safe space for up and coming artists. Everyone parks their egos at the door and you get to learn the nuts and bolts of production, songwriting, how to get your song registered and on the radio,” he says.

“Three years ago I bought a ticket for Music Exchange with my credit card. Today I’m a board member [of the organisation].”

Roeshdien is also keen for high school learners to attend the programme.

“Parents often have misconceptions about the music industry so if they attend with a child who’s keen on entering the field they would also benefit,” he says.

When he’s not busy mentoring and coaching mense, Roeshdien is hard at work in studio working on new music.

“Later this year, before summer I will be releasing the single The Calling, a track from my first album,” he says.

* Aspiring musicians interested in attending the Music Exchange can check out Roeshdien Jaz on Facebook to make contact.