Students worry as Flats school faces eviction



May 24, 2017
Students worry as Flats school faces eviction

A-STUDENT: Dilshaad

Learners from The Leadership College (TLC) in Manenberg are worried about what will happen to them should the school be evicted from its current rental property.

Last year, TLC achieved a 92 percent matric pass rate.

Top student Dilshaad Adonis, 18, who is currently studying Accounting at Stellenbosch University, obtained seven distinctions.

Yesterday, Dilshaad said shutting the school down would be a blow to Manenberg.

“It makes no sense, government can’t watch and do nothing,” she says.

“The Leadership College deserves contributions in order to keep the school open. The school makes a tremendous change in our community and what will happen to the learners currently at the school?”

A parent, who asked not to be named, says her child started Grade 8 at the school this year.

“Parents are worried sick as it would be difficult to get their children into schools now,” says the parent.

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