Aldo had to quit his job to nurse his wife after she suffered two strokes. Credit: MANQOBA NGIDI

Friends and family of this Hanover Park woman seek the help of the community after she was left paralysed two months ago when she suffered two strokes.

Ursula Hill, 53, once known as the energetic “soccer girl” in her community, now screams with pain as her body is covered in bed sores.

Her husband Aldo Hill, 52, who was the sole breadwinner, had to quit his job to look after his wife of 34 years.

“It wasn’t long ago when I was sick and she did the same for me. I’m busy 24/7, now I’m a mother, father and doctor,” says a heartsore Aldo.

Aldo also has severe asthma and while speaking to the Daily Voice, he had to use his pump to control his laboured breathing.

Neighbour Mrs Fortune says the family is suffering on all fronts.

“She cannot eat, so we have to give her mostly liquids like soup, porridge and yogurt. She is also on adult diapers en al hierdie goed is duur. We can’t approach people every time to ask for a R10 to help Aldo, but we as neighbours are trying our best to help her.”

Nadeema Brown, 60, says her friend has the worst bed sores and Aldo has to change linen daily.

Die bedding raak al klaar van elke dag uitwas,” she says.

“Ursula was an active woman and to see my friend like this is heartbreaking, the Hill family really needs help financially as it is a struggle to get everything Ursula needs.”

If you would like to assist Ursula and Aldo, please call Mrs Fortune on 072 8080 373.