Stripped and stabbed



April 19, 2017
Stripped and stabbed

KWAAD: Cameron Wilson, 20, at the Western Cape High Court

Lekita’s bloodied, sandy clothes ‘don’t match knifing wounds’on body, says cop

The court gasped in horror and anguish as the bloodied clothing Lekita Moore wore on the night of her murder were exhibited on the witness stand.

The trial of Cameron Wilson resumed in the Western Cape High Court yesterday.

Wilson, 20, is facing 15 charges including six counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, rape and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Wilson is accused of killing the 18-year-old Valhalla Park girl in September last year.

Lekita’s mutilated and naked body was found on a field in Tuna Road next to the 8ste Laan informal settlement with 98 stab wounds to her body.

Yesterday, the state presented the clothes to the court as evidence – a blue and cream hoodie jacket, blue skinny jeans and a cream crop top.

Sergeant Elton Loggenstein testified that Lekita’s clothing had come back from Pretoria last week where it was sent away for DNA analysis.

Lekita’s family, seated in the courtroom gallery, could not hold back the tears when the clothes, still caked in blood and sand, were displayed.

However, Wilson appeared to be angered and agitated at the sight of the klere.

Loggenstein testified: “The clothes returned from Pretoria last Tuesday. I then inspected the clothing. To me it looks as if the clothes of the deceased were removed as the stab holes on her clothing do not correspond with the wounds the victim incurred.”

Loggenstein further described how many stab holes were in Lekita’s clothing.

“In the hoodie jacket, there were six stab holes to the back, four to the chest, two to the left sleeve, seven to the right sleeve and quite a few to the hood of the jacket. The crop top had three stab holes to the back and the jeans had three stab holes to the front of the jeans in the pelvic and abdomen region,” he explained.

Speaking outside court to the Daily Voice, heartbroken dad Charl Moore said: “When I saw her clothes, I was shocked. It hurt, daardie innerlike seer.

“But I know I will feel better once he [Wilson] is sentenced and sent away. While he is still sitting here, it hurts me deeply. I put all my trust in the Lord so justice can be served. I want to be here the day he gets sentenced.”

The trial is set to resume tomorrow.

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