Waiting for loos



August 24, 2016
Waiting for loos

GATVOL: Riemvasmaak mense were promised toilets

Residents claim there are only 14 toilets for 700 people.

Mense in an informal settlement in the Overberg still have to use buckets or do their business in the bush, a month after the municipality promised them new toilets.

The community of Riemvasmaak informal settlement outside Caledon caused a stink in July when about 400 people marched through the streets of Caledon to demand toilets and the installation of electricity.

They claimed there were only 14 toilets for more than 700 residents and most of the loos were broken while others had no doors.

Theewaterskloof Municipality promised new toilets would be installed and broken toilets fixed.

But community leader Raymond Nongaza says a month later and they are still waiting.

“Nothing has been done in the month since the march. We keep having meetings [with the municipality] but we can’t give the community any feedback about progress yet,” says Nongaza.

Although some toilets seem to have been cleaned, most are still broken, with some overflowing, due to people emptying their buckets in the toilets.

Stiffie Cronjé, spokesperson for Theewaterskloof Municipality, says relief is on its way.

According to Cronjé, the toilets couldn’t be installed as they were waiting on stock to be delivered.

“An additional 12 toilets will be supplied. The stock was delivered yesterday and we will begin with the installation as soon as possible,” he explains.

Cronjé says repairs to existing toilets will also begin soon.

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