LOSING GRIP: Search for Courtney Pieters met with many dead end leads
The search for missing Courtney Pieters, three, who disappeared in Salberau, Elsies River, has brought nothing but dead end leads, a frustrated community and despair to the parents who are on the verge of a breakdown as they enter day seven of their search.

Communications Officer at the Elsies River Police Station, Captain Daphne O’Reilly, who has paid regular visits to the the family along with police investigators, says there have been plenty of leads but no success.

“We receive regular leads from people regarding Courtney and have to follow up on every lead we receive, but so far nothing concrete has come up and the search for her continues,” O’Reilly says.

This follows sightings of the child in another part of Elsies River, and reports that a man had taken Courtney to Eerste River to his mother.

These all proved to be false claims.

VANISHED: Courtney Pieters

A church pastor professed that the Lord told him that she could be found at number 4 Napier Court, Clarke Estate.

Every lead has been followed, every rumour corroborated and a week later the family is still no closer to finding Courtney.

Mom Juanita Pieters, 42, has distanced herself from everyone, unable to cope with her loss, and dad Aaron Fourie says he has no words to utter.

Family spokesperson Celeste Adonis says they are still hoping for her safe return, but are very afraid.

“We are asking for continued prayers for Courtney’s safe return. God can bring her back to us and for now we are trusting in him,” she says.