‘Stacha’s was one of the most disturbing crime scenes’



April 20, 2017
‘Stacha’s was one of the most disturbing crime scenes’

The scene where 11-year-old Stacha Arends body was found.

An investigating officer in the murder of 11-year-old Stacha Arendse says the slain girl's crime scene was one of the most disturbing he had ever encountered.

Stacha’s naked body was found field along Swartklip Road in Tafelsig during the eary hours of March 28 — just hours after she was reported missing on March 27.

Detective Monditno Haywood, 36, who has been with the police for the past 13 years, said a trace operation led to the alleged perpetrator in the murder, Randy Tango, 31, being arrested.

Haywood — who works for the Serious and Violent Crimes Unit which focuses on murders, attempted murders, house, business and armed robberies, and kidnapping — said he was not at liberty to speak about the details on an ongoing investigation, but added he disturbed by the grim scene.

“I was disturbed by the image of the body of the lifeless girl because I myself have a daughter, so I feel for the family,” he said.

Haywood says his job is intense, as he has to be present at all of the autopsies connected to his cases, to instruct the coroner on which tests needs to be conducted on the body and to collect any evidence found on the bodies of the victims.

“I regularly have to go to Salt River Mortuary. It smells of decaying flesh and you have to have a strong stomach to see the cut open cadavers.”

After every gruesome crime scene or crime he investigates Haywood goes through a debriefing session to ensure he is in a healthy head space.

At Stacha’s funeral Mitchells Plain Station Commander Brigadier Cass Goolam told mourners of Stacha’s final moments, saying she had taught him the real meaning of bravery: “At the heat of the events, under threat, this child says: ‘Leave my people alone, rather kill me, you may get away with it, but Jesus knows.”

Tango is expected back at court on May 3 for a formal bail application.

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