‘Snake pastoor’ makes mense sit in yskas



July 4, 2016
‘Snake pastoor’ makes mense sit in yskas

DEMO: Man made to sit in freezer.

Penuel Mnguni locks churchgoers inside an ice cold chest freezer.

“Snake pastor” Penuel Mnguni has broken the internet again – this time by posting pictures of people he had locked up inside a chest freezer, to “demonstrate the power of God”.

In pictures posted on his End Times Disciples Ministries Facebook page, the bad boy prophet gave his instruction to a woman and then a man, who could be seen getting into ’n yskas.

“The Man of God while ministering about offences which causes God not to perform, commanded a young lady to enter inside a deep refrigerator that was on a high freezing point,” read a post from last week’s Sunday service.

Mnguni was reported to have commanded both to sleep, and when he opened the freezer 30 minutes later, the two miraculously woke up and stepped out of the cold.

The post read: “He asked the lady, who had ice on her body, what was happening, and she said it had been very hot inside the refrigerator and she had not felt any ice.”

“That was testament of the power of God,” Mnguni wrote.

But some social media commentators did not take too kindly to it, calling it magic, trickery and playing with people’s minds.

The pastor came under fire earlier this year after it emerged that he had fed snakes to members of his church, and also drove over them with a car.

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