NOWHERE TO RUN: Robebers bust in Delft.

These four suspected robbers literally bit the dust after a foiled mall robbery in Delft.

The brazen gang were bust after a dramatic car chase and shootout with cops in The Hague.

One innocent bystander was injured in the gunfire.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut says police had responded to information about a possible armed robbery at Airport Mall in Delft.

“During their patrol of the area, they spotted a double cab LDV with four male suspects, who gave immediate chase while shooting at police.”

After police shot at their tyres, the stolen Nissan bakkie crashed into a fence in Balela Street.

More shots were exchanged and cops chased down the gang on foot and arrested them.

A shocked Rudo Kuriata, 38, got a moerse skrik as the bakkie first crashed into their fence, before gunshots rang out.

She was alone at home with her one-year old-son.

“I just got home from the shop when I heard a loud bang,” she explains.

“I was so scared, I hid away looking for safety for my baby and I.

“I heard the gunshots as police were chasing after them between the houses.

“It all happened in front of my house where my baby usually plays.

“When I saw the robbers, I thought they were dead. There are three bullet holes in the walls of my home.”

Her boyfriend, Doessie Thembo, 46, says his neighbour, who lives in a shack, was injured and transported to hospital.

“The man was shot in the hand,” he says.

“I was at work when this happened and rushed home and was happy my baby was not harmed.”

The couple says they will have to fix their damaged fence themselves.

Traut says an illegal firearm was recovered.

Once charged, the suspects, aged between 37 and 42, will appear in Blue Downs Magistrates’ court.

“The LDV which was hijacked in Nyanga last night was also confiscated.”