WRECKAGE: Truck crashed near Philadelphia. CREDIT: Solly Lottering
Residents of an informal settlement near Philadelphia say they were in the geluk when this polony trok lost its load.

The driver of the white truck crashed on Morningstar Road yesterday.

It’s believed the man lost control and slammed into a tree, which tore the front wheels from the vehicle.

Witnesses allege the driver was speeding.

The witness says the driver and his assistant both survived the accident, but the driver suffered serious injury to his one leg.

Red penny polonies were strewn all over the accident scene, and residents of the informal settlements stood by, hoping they would be allowed to take some spilled food.

Jan Miggels says they immediately ran to the scene when they heard the big bang.

“The driver and his assistant were in shock, but they both got out of the truck,” he says.

He adds: “We are very poor, and we are just waiting for the owners of the truck to tell us it’s OK to take it, because it will go off if it just lies here, then we will be having lekker polonies tonight,” he says, eyeing the red cold meats.

Police did not respond to any queries.