UITGEVANG: Two women tried smokkeling diet pille in their underwear before being caught
Two women thought they were “slim” when they allegedly swiped diet pills at a pharmacy and stashed them in their panties and bras.

But the ladies were caught red-handed by staff at Clicks at Cape Gate mall.

Police were called to the popular Brackenfell mall on Thursday afternoon where the duo allegedly tried to walk out of the shop with bottles of pills without paying for them.

Suspicious staff had heard the pille rattling in the plastic bottles and searched the two women, finding several bottles of unnamed weight loss tablets hidden in their onderklere.

The two are due to appear at the Kuils River Magistrates’ Court today on a charge of shoplifting.

According to a source at the shop, security staff were alerted after the diet pill containers made a “shaking sound” as the alleged diewe made their way to the door of the store.

The security guards had apparently been observing the women on CCTV cameras inside the shop, after they “loitered in the diet aisle”.

“We think they may have been trying to steal the diet pills to sell to their ‘customers’,” the source adds.

The names and prices of the tablets have not been revealed.

Police spokesperson Constable Samantha Adonis says: “We can confirm a case of shoplifting after two women were arrested for stealing dietary products worth an undisclosed amount of cash at a shop in a mall in Brackenfell on Thursday 18 May at about 4.30pm.

“The suspects will appear in Kuils River Court [today] on the said charges.”