TARGET: Shattered 
window at Capitec 
Bank in Town Centre in Mitchells Plain
These skelms  must've been working the graveyard shift when they struck at Capitec Bank in the Town Centre, Mitchells Plain, in the dead of night.

Police were called to the scene after the bank’s alarm went off at 2.38am yesterday.

People passing through the centre in the morning got a skrik to find the window of the bank shattered.

A broken computer monitor lay on the ground in front of the gaping hole in the glass.

The bank was closed for the day for repair work and customers had to be redirected to the Capitec branch at Mitchells Plain station.

It is not clear what had been stolen from the bank.

The Daily Voice contacted Capitec’s head office, but did receive any communication at the time of going to print.

Staff confirmed to the Daily Voice that the branch was robbed, but were tight-lipped, only saying that the store would be open for business as usual today.

A trader at the centre, who did not want to be named out of fear of victimisation, blames druggies in the area.

“No person in their right mind would be walking around here that time of the night. That was the work of a tikkop,” the vendor says.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the robbery, saying: “At 2.38am, Mitchells Plain police attended to a complaint of burglary at a bank in Symphony Walk, Town Centre.

“No suspects have been arrested. Police are investigating a case of business burglary.

“It is unknown what other property is missing at this stage. The investigation continues.”

Police urged anyone with information about the incident to contact investigating officer Detective Sergeant Theunis of Mitchells Plain Crime Investigation Department on 021 370 1782.