GATVOL: Ncumisa Ndlakuhlolo quit her job as magistrate over it. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

A pastor at a Cape Flats church is being dragged to court for failing to comply with noise regulations.

The City of Cape Town says the Langa Baptist Church has been warned to tone things down after complaints from neighbours.

A Cape Town magistrate said she was forced to resign because she wasn’t getting any sleep.

However, desperate neighbours say the “loud screaming and beating of drums” are still continuing, and now the City is taking legal action against Reverend Sipho Zondi and his congregation.

Siyabulela Mamkeli, Cape Town MEC for Health‚ told the Daily Voice they were just waiting for a court date.

“This matter has been referred to the City’s Legal Services Department for issuing and prosecution,” he says.

“The Pastor failed to comply with the written notice to cease causing the disturbing noise.

“City Health is awaiting confirmation of a court date in order to proceed with the matter.”

Advocate Ncumisa Ndlakuhlolo, who quit her job at the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court in April, says the trouble started three years ago when Zondi took over the church next to her house, bringing “1000 worshippers with him”.

Sermons were held daily, and sporadically, with loud drumming and “the sound of people falling”.

The church also extended its premises by putting up tents on the property.

Ncumisa, who owns and runs a bed and breakfast from her house, suffers from sleep apnoea.

She resigned “because I felt like a zombie at work, and often postponed cases because I was so tired”.

When neighbours asked Zondi to quiet down, he allegedly told them there was nothing they could do as this was the way he and his mense worshipped.

They then contacted the City of Cape Town, who did tests and found that Zondi was in breach of noise by laws.

Zondi received a notice and warning but refused to listen and continued with his loud sermons.

Ncumisa has welcomed the city’s decision to sue Zondi.

“This means war, we will take it to the steps of the courthouse. We will not be stepping back.”

Zondi has not responded to any of the Daily Voice’s many queries for comment.

His secretary said he was out of town on a seminar and is not to be disturbed.