SCENE: Mense gather at Bonteheuwel house.

A man was shot in the testicles by alleged gangsters dressed in “labarang klere”.

Mario O’Ryan, 34, was also hit in the shoulder while his friend Berenice Oliver, 45, who as with him, was struck in her arm and stomach.

The two were in a house in Logenberry Road, Bonteheuwel, when they were attacked on Wednesday afternoon, the day of Eid.

Eyewitnesses say three “young boys” walked into the house wearing salaah tops and fezes pretending to say slamat.

Residents say the house is a “known drug den”.

Mario’s mother Debra O’Ryan, 57, says she was taking a bath when she heard the gunshots.

“They were smoking at the house at the time of the shooting,” she says.

“I was inside the house when someone came to call me, I ran out and we rushed Mario to hospital.

“Berenice was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Everything happened so fast.”

The mom says Mario was bleeding profusely from his penis, and fears he may lose his manhood.

“He was hit in his private properties and needs a major operation,” she adds.

Debra says residents always keep a close eye on the house because of its bad reputation.

“The owner is disabled and people use that house to smoke (drugs),” she says.

“But we don’t allow anyone to go there anymore because we don’t want any trouble in the road.”

Homeowner Winston Michaels, 56, says he was upstairs when he heard the gunshots.

“They (suspects) were dressed in labarang clothes so people thought they were children coming to say slamat, that’s why no one stopped them from coming inside,” he says.

“(The victims) were sitting in the living room when the (suspects) came to the door and shot at them.

Dit het soos jong laaities gelyk. When I came down, (Mario and Berenice) were both wounded,” he says.

Several resident told the Daily Voice the attackers raised no suspicion because they looking like children celebrating Eid.

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says no one has been arrested.

“A case of attempted murder is being investigated.”