RELEASED: Taymin Koff, 26, from Hanover Park

Hanover Park’s most wanted man has been released by the courts.

Frantic residents contacted the Daily Voice saying Taymin “Tutu” Koff, 26, a member of the notorious Laughing Boys gang, has been roaming free, “bragging about his crimes”.

Koff is accused of killing a four-year-old boy in the area in December.

He was arrested by Metro Police last week Thursday, while hiding out in Hanover Park, and appeared in the Athlone Magistrates’ Court on Monday, apparently on a drug-related charge, before he was released.

He was nabbed by a sergeant who recognised him after evading arrest for seven months.

Cops say Koff was wanted for three murders, including a four-year-old Mogamat Najmie Simon, who was visiting his ouma in Mentz Court on December 23, when he was killed.

Community members now want to know why Koff was released, after he was spotted in Hanover Park.

“He is walking up and down in the courts bragging he is free, and about what he did,” says one woman.

“Why is he free, we are hearing he was acquitted?”

The City of Cape Town had boasted about their arrest, but Metro Police Superintendent Raymond Arnold says they only learnt about his release via Facebook.

“This could be a case where a witness may be too scared to testify against him in court,” he speculated.

Philippi Police Station confirmed Koff has been let go, and that an identity parade would be out of the question now because his face was published in the newspapers.

Cops have confirmed to the Daily Voice that Koff was released on a drug-related charge and that prosecution is yet to charge him with the murder of Mogamat Najmie.

The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) has given the investigating officer instructions to follow and comply with before prosecution.

The matter is still under investigation.