High electricity tariffs still causes South African's great concern.

South Africans are now better off than ever, a new survey has found.

People are better off, better educated and better housed, however, water quality, lack of jobs and rising electricity costs continue to concern them most.

Generally speaking, whites and Indians were more likely to be affected by crime than other groups.

This is according to the latest survey by StatisticsSA, which undertook an analysis of crime statistics by population group in its Community Survey report for this year.

Along with water supply, employment, and cost of electricity, crime and inadequate housing were the other two key issues people sukkeled with.

Whites and Indians, according to the report, had higher percentages of households which experienced housebreaking/burglary, home robbery, robbery, and theft of motor vehicle/motorcycle. About one in 10 households headed by whites experienced crime, followed by Indian/Asians at 8.4 percent, while about 7.1 percent of black Africans were victimised.

In the Western Cape (18.7 percent), mense were most worried about the high cost of electricity.

Yet the Community Survey 2016 showed there has been improvement in the quality of services and standards of living for all South Africans, despite the bleak economic performance and rising unemployment of the past few years.

For example, the number of households living in formal housing has increased from a low of 65.1 percent in 1996, through 77.6 percent in 2011, to 79.2 percent in the latest survey, conducted in March and sampling about 1.3 million households.

More people also owned electrical appliances and gadgets, with 41.4 percent now owning a DStv decoder, compared with 25.8 percent in 2011.