R100 000 for train fire info



August 10, 2016
R100 000 for train fire info

Metrorail trains on fire at Retreat station

Metrorail service further affected by more vandalism

Metrorail is now offering a R100 000 to anyone who can help them catch the mense who reportedly set two trains alight.

On Sunday two trailers and two motor coaches of two trains were gutted at the Retreat staging yard.

While this continues to affect train services on the Southern Line today, the rail company’s management has set a reward to get the public to help cops make an arrest.

Metrorail managers admit there is niks they can do in the short term and they are trying their best to make sure the train service isn’t too badly affected.

Since October last year more than 50 coaches have been vandalised and taken out of service, arson attacks have also been on the increase.

Police have yet to make any arrests and Metrorail is hopeful that the R100 000 reward will help the cops.

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