Pros coach kids



June 17, 2016
Pros coach kids

Ex-pro Theo Hempe training community laaties. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Former Ajax Cape Town player visits disabled sports enthusiast brothers.

A disabled sports lover and his little brother received a kwaai Youth Day surprise thanks to their generous community.

Juvani Davids, 11, who cannot walk due to an illness, but who can kick a ball with the best of them, was stumped to meet former Ajax Cape Town player Theo Hempe.

“I am impressed, they are very active,” the coach tells Daily Voice.

“It not just about the skill, it’s about their enthusiasm and they are eager to do everything,” he adds.

Juvani and his little brother Marcelino, seven, were both born with diastrophic dysplasia, which affects cartilage and bone development, resulting in shortened arms and legs.

Theo was there to support a local soccer tournament in Beacon Valley, organised by Ian Diener.

Juvani tells Daily Voice: “I didn’t know (Theo) was going to be here, it was nice playing with the coach and we are also playing against each other.

“We are winning,” he giggles.

Juvani still has big dreams of becoming a famous soccer star for Manchester United.

The Grade 5 boy who attends Agape School in Mitchells Plain says he has what it takes to challenge some of the world’s biggest footie stars.

Ian says he wanted to do something special for the kids in his community on Youth Day.

“After the games they each get a treat. They were also coached by Theo Hempe who has been doing great with them,” he says.

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