Prez JZ says ‘no to R2 billion’



July 17, 2017
Prez JZ says ‘no to R2 billion’


President Jacob Zuma is apparently not interested in becoming a billionaire.

This after he reportedly turned down an offer of an amnesty package of R2 billion to step down from office.

The Daily Maverick reports that a faction within the African National Congress (ANC), which is backing Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa for the ANC presidency, has offered to raise the money in exchange for Zuma’s cooperation.

The agreement could also see all criminal charges dropped against the president.

“The Daily Maverick has learned from two sources that financially remunerative amnesty was put before the president. To be clear this is not a rumour but an actual political weapon that a faction of a faction in the ANC is willing to deploy” read the article.

Zuma has reportedly dismissed the proposal.

However the ANC’s Zizi Kodwa says the reports are untrue.

“Any suggestion or insinuation that there was some negotiation of an exit package for the president is nothing else but fake news” he said.

Zuma has come under fire from some party members and veterans to step down following allegations of corruption and state capture.

Meanwhile, a motion of no confidence in Zuma is going ahead on 8 August.

Parliament spokesperson Moloto Mothapo confirmed yesterday that both the ANC and the DA had indicated they would abide by the speaker’s decision, while the rest of the nine preferred a secret ballot.

Mbete would make her decision before the debate, Mothapo confirmed.

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