Patriotic Alliance leadership in the Western Cape. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

The leadership of the Patriotic Alliance has slammed one of their own.

Mayoral candidate for the Cape Metro, Ricardo Sedras, yesterday slammed a self-proclaimed PA Cape leader for saying party leader Gayton McKenzie’s “ding moet pyn”.

Sedras says they do not recognise Gregg Fick, who told the Daily Voice this week he and several other disgruntled members have lodged a vote of no confidence against McKenzie.

Fick called McKenzie “liar” and a “traitor” for not “pouring money” into the party as he promised.

He was also worried that McKenzie was selling them out to the ANC by forming a coalition with the ruling party.

RUNNING: PA ‘ward councillor candidate’ Gregg Fick

However, at a press conference yesterday, PA interim secretary in the Western Cape Leon Smith, ward councillor candidate Cyril Barrath and Sedras says Fick is the liegbek.

Smith says: “In my short time of knowing him I’ve come to know only three lies: lies, damn lies and Gregg Fick.

“We are saddened by these comments who is trying to derail the progress we are making for reasons unknown to us.

“We want to reject, disclaim and disown any statement made by this individual or one or two who is in his corner,” he adds.

McKenzie was not at the conference.

Smith says “under no circumstance” has Fick ever been a leader of the PA in the Cape Metro.

“He was among us, we were elected to serve in the interim capacity to set the structures in place and that is the only acknowledgement I will give to this individual.”

Fick is currently “running” for councillor of Ward 6 in the local elections and posters are up bearing his face.

Meanwhile Barrath says they have to receive Fick’s motion against McKenzie.

“We never saw this vote of no confidence,” he says.

“President Gayton McKenzie paid for absolutely everything out of his own pocket, he hasn’t asked any of us for a cent so I am not sure where the talks of money comes from,” he adds.

Sedras also insists there are no talks of joining the ANC.

“Mr Fick is lying to the public. We never spoke about having a coalition government with the ANC or the DA.”

But Fick say his comrades need to wake up.

“I am not making up stories,” he insists.

“I will continue to mobilise our people to vote for what I believe is right, but I will advise for McKenzie to step down.”

Fick also hit back at Sedras, saying he “has a lot to lose”.

“Sedras is a man who will sell out his soul for peanuts; I have no respect for him,” he says.

“I pray those men will stand up against the corruption of McKenzie.”