INVESTIGATED: Kingpin Ernie ‘Lastig’ Solomons

Police are reportedly investigating how alleged 28s gang boss Ernie “Lastig” Solomons acquired 13 properties while he has “never held down a formal job”.

According to a Weekend Argus Special Investigation report, the rapper and actor and sometime politician has 13 properties registered in his name.

Solomons, who lives in Hawston, reportedly owns houses in Kleinmond, Wellington, Bellville, Clanwilliam, Fisherhaven and Vermont among others, together worth a “few million rands”, according to a police source.

Solomons didn’t respond to telephone inquiries yesterday, but when the Weekend Argus asked him about the police and Sars probe, he reportedly said: “I know nothing about it. I don’t want to be involved.”

He said he would happily speak about being a Khoisan chief, but nothing else.

Solomons, allegedly one of the biggest perly smugglers in South Africa, has been in and out of jail since he was 16, and has been acquitted on various crimes including armed robbery and intimidation.

Sars spokesman Sandile Memelo refused to comment, saying Sars could not divulge taxpayers’ personal information.

According to the Weekend Argus, Solomons has two bonds  R238 000 with First Rand Bank and R126 000 with Absa, and bought properties in Hawston quite cheaply  one for R1000 and another for R2500.

Police identified Solomons in the 1990s as one of the Big Five kingpins in the Western Cape, while Solomons said he has 37 years gang experience, had done “gruesome things” and was known in his youth as Ernie the Terrible.