Pokémon trucker killls lady



August 26, 2016
Pokémon trucker killls lady

DEATH: Gamer knocks down 72-year-old woman

Man mows down ouma while playing mobile game.

A Japanese truck driver has been arrested after killing an elderly woman, 72, while he was driving and playing Pokémon Go.

One other woman, 60, was injured in the incident on Wednesday night, Japan’s first fatality linked to the popular smartphone game.

The suspect, 39-year-old farmer Keiji Goo, initially told investigators he was looking at the clock on his smartphone, police said.

But he confessed that he was playing Pokémon Go and wasn’t paying full attention while behind the wheel.

He was bust for 
negligent driving.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Go developers Niantic said the company had added a pop-up to the game’s screen when it detected an increase in speed asking for confirmation the user was not driving.

News reports in July claimed that a Guatemalan teen was the first Pokémon fatality after he was shot breaking into a house while playing the game.

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