July 19, 2016

Local radio DJ Yuzriq Mr Meyer Meyer, 24

DJ’s lagbol video of mobile game is a hit.

This local radio and TV personality says he is overwhelmed by all the Pokémon love he is getting online.

The Bush Radio DJ made fun of the latest global gaming craze, Pokémon Go, by creating a uniquely Kaapse video, and it went viral on social media.

By yesterday, his first video was viewed over 40 000 times, while his second video was shared by a Johannesburg online news site.

Both videos were shared thousands of times.

Yuzriq “Mr Meyer” Meyer, 24, from Woodstock, says he had no idea his gatmaak videos would cause such drama.

It was inspired by the game, where players are so eager to catch Pikachu and his maatjies that they’ve gotten themselves into trouble, like the two men who fell off a cliff in America, and the four teens who verdwaaled in caves in England.

The game is not available in SA yet, but some people have found “ways and means” to download it.

Yuzriq says: “Last week Tuesday I just thought I’m going to make a video about this because we don’t even have the original game here but everyone was downloading it en almal is going mal.”

In the video, he is running around in the streets with his phone pointed in front of him, looking for the invisible Pokemon creatures.

His cameraman friend can be heard laughing as Yuzriq tries to dive under a car and bite into a fence to get to the hidden Pokemon.

“I do actually have the game, because a friend sent me a link,” he admits.

Yuzriq says the responses to the videos were net so mal.

“Guys from Hanover Park and Manenberg have messaged me to say: ‘Nah man! Daar is Pokémon in die bra se yard ek gaan’it haal hier want hy is ‘n gangster,’” says Yuzriq.

He adds: “I’m not planning on it, but if I get a good idea and I’m inspired then I’ll make another video.”

Pokémon Go has become the most downloaded cellphone game of all time.

It’s not clear when people in SA will be able to get their hands on the smartphone speletjie.

Watch Yuzriq’s video here.

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