PICS: MK Vets, ANCYL rally to support Zuma



April 7, 2017
PICS: MK Vets, ANCYL rally to support Zuma

Hundreds of MK Veterans and ANC Youth League members march, sing and stand outside Luthuli House in a show of support for President Jacob Zuma prior to several anti-Zuma marches planned across the country today. Many of the MK Veterans have are on the ground in a bid to protect the ANC's Headquarters. CREDIT: Ilanit Chernick

Chanting struggle songs at Luthuli house, the two groups appeal to locals to back their fairly elected president.

Hundreds of MK Veterans and ANC Youth League (ANCYL) members have taken it upon themselves to guard Luthuli House in case of any threat from anti-Zuma marchers or supporters.

Chanting and marching around the area, the MK Veterans sang struggle songs and called for locals to support the President from just after 5am.

One veteran who asked to stay anonymous said he would give his life to protect Zuma and the ANC.

“We cannot have these people come here and tell us that Zuma must go. He is our president and he was elected freely and fairly by the people – to go against him is an act of treason,” the veteran said.

He added that they will continue to fight for the ANC and will not allow these “small boys” to cause chaos within the ruling party.

“The ANC is here to stay and President Zuma is here to stay, he is our president and we will always protect him and the party,” the MK Veteran said.

An ANCYL supporter who only identified herself as Thandeka said she would continue to protest for Zuma until the opposition gave up.

“We are not here to play. President Zuma is my president and I will not allow anyone to say otherwise.

“These people who are against him must stop it or it will destroy this country,” she warned.

Dressed in ANC regalia, t-shirts and carrying ANC flags, many of the supporters

The two groups marched around Luthuli House several times before coming to a stop and standing at attention outside the ANC’s Headquarters.

Commuters and passers-by made concerted efforts to stop and watch the passing parade, taking out their cellphones and capturing the moments.

“It’s quite historical, I’m a little bit scared for what might happen today, I just hope it doesn’t get violent,” said one passer-by, Daniel Twala.

“People must protest and have their voices heard, whether they are for or against Zuma, everyone has the right to protest but it just must not get violent. We can’t start killing each other over one man,” he said.

Singing and chanting continued throughout the morning as the group slowly began to swell in size.

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