‘Peace garden’ made of sinks, toilets



August 29, 2016
‘Peace garden’ made of sinks, toilets

PLANT PASSION: Caroline Joseph, 61, founded the garden. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

A Delft teacher used her passion for gardening to uplift her community.

If you no longer have use for your old loo or bath, why not donate it to a good cause, like this “toilet garden” in Delft?

Visitors to Sanduisingel in Roosendal definitely won’t have any k** gedagtes when they see this tuin, with its beautiful rows of toilet bowls, sinks and baths, all filled with plantjies and herbs.

The unique garden was created 20 years ago by Caroline Joseph, 61, who has been spreading the gospel and her love for gardening.

The arts and crafts teacher says the piece of land was once a rubbish dump, but she and her friend, Johannes Potgieter, 54, decided to give the field a revamp by turning it into a community peace garden.

Simultaneously, a friend who cleans yards for a living had lots of old sanitary ware, which he donated to Caroline, and the “toilet garden” was born.

Caroline says the tuin is so popular that mense take wedding photos there.

She uses her own water to hose the garden.

“We are growing various plants, some which can be used for medical issues like fevers and mouth ulcers,” says Caroline.

“We allow the children to help us garden and I teach them about plant life.”

Pointing to an artwork at the entrance of the garden, she adds: “This is a design of a merry go round which the children made using bottle tops and bottles.”

And when someone needs a bath or toilet for their home, they can always come find one there.

Caroline believes spirituality is important, and has placed biblical messages around the garden.

“You must believe in something and serve a God,” she adds.

But even here, crime found a way in.

On Thursday, dad of three, Bradley Williams was shot and killed right next to the garden and a cross was recently burnt there.

Johannes says they are tired of the vandals: “They keep on destroying things in the garden which is supposed to be for the community.”

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