The Democratic Alliance’s Cape Town mayoral candidate Patricia de Lille reckons she’s in poll position after she unveiled her election poster in the city yesterday.

Instead of Market Day it was Blue Wednesday on the Grand Parade as hundreds of party members and supporters, uitgevat in their blue T-shirts, turned out for the unveiling of the poster, which went up all over the city.

The DA took the poster on a tour across the city, telling mense over a loudhailer to keep the party in power.

With just 55 days until municipal elections are held on August 3, the Mayor hopes to retain her position with the help of her 2016 election campaign poster, which reads “Keep making progress - De Lille for Mayor”.

Auntie Patty looks a bit old-fashioned on the photo, but is the first to admit she ain’t no glamour girl.

Unlike her boss, Helen Zille, De Lille is clearly not a fan of botox, make-up, peroxide or designer clothing.

In fact, asked if it was a professional photoshoot, De Lille laughed and said yes, but added she is not “that kind of meisie”.

According to her, the poster is important, because not only does a person vote for the party during elections, but for the messenger of that party as well.

“I am not the make-up type of person. I love the natural look. I am and always will be a plain Jane,” she told Daily Voice yesterday.

It’s probably why she didn’t hesitate to climb up a ladder to assist in unveiling the new poster.

The mayor and her entourage also visited Athlone yesterday afternoon for a meet and greet with residents, and put up more posters.

De Lille says her 2016 campaign started five years ago.

“I am campaigning now yes, but I have been doing exactly that since the day I was elected mayor in 2011. The work starts on the day that you step into office, and we have made tremendous strides in assisting our people and bringing about development that is necessary here in the Western Cape,” say Mayor De Lille.