WORKERS: Yolandi Cupido, Zelna Behr and Jessica Damon

These three vrouens say a pastor who ran in the municipal elections is taking them for a ride after failing to pay them for working for him.

They say while the holy man is preparing “to ride the gravy train” as a councillor, they are still waiting on the R400 they were promised to work for Kaap Agulhas Civic Organisation (KAPCO) on election day.

Yolandi Cupido, 33, says she and her friends Zelna Behr, 42, and Jessica Damon, 37, jumped at the chance to earn some money.

“We’re unemployed and have kids to care for so we were happy about this chance. Now KPCO don’t want to pay but all the other political parties paid the people who helped them,” says Yolandi.

She says they left their homes before dawn on August 3 and only returned home in the early hours of the next day.

They had to check whether voters were registered and also helped count votes.

But Pastor Sam van Staden, Kapco chairman, says it’s all lies.

“About 40 people worked for us but only these three are going on about money. They each got three meals that day plus a jacket and a scarf to say thank you. We never said we will pay them,” he claims.

KAPCO got 872 votes, earning them one seat in the Cape Agulhas council.

IEC spokesperson Trevor Davids says the matter is between the individuals and the political organisation.

“The IEC can’t even entertain their complaint. The women can, however, lay a charge with the police,” explains Davids.

Zelna says they will now turn to the law to help them.

“They can take their damn jacket and scarf. We worked nearly 24 hours aaneen, so we want that money,” says Zelna.