'Unlucky skelm' mauled by a pit bull. CREDIT: Facebook

A skelm who was trying to dodge cops by jumping over residents’ walls saw his gat when he ended up in the wrong backyard.

The male suspect ended up face-to-face with a fierce pit bull who nearly had him for dinner.

According to Facebook group, Police Pics and Clips, the thief and an accomplice had struck at a convenience store in Somerset West on Monday evening.

The shop’s owner pressed the panic button during the robbery and security guards from the Vetus Schola Group stieked uit soon afterwards.

The guards managed to catch one suspect in the parking lot, but the second, a more fleet-footed boef, thought he could vanish between houses in the area.

But landing in the wrong yard nearly cost him an arm and a leg.

The unlucky skelm managed to jump back up on the wall, only to find that security had arrived on the scene.

So he was forced to jump back into the yard, where the grateful pit bull got a second helping.

Police Pics and Clips shared pictures of the mauled and bloody thief on Facebook with a caption that read: “This clever thief was fleeing from a security company after trying to steal some goods.

“He started jumping fences in his ill-considered haste to get away, and jumped straight into the waiting jaws of a loving pit bull!

“Well done to the response officers of Vetus Schola Group!”

Chris Miller, CEO of Vetus Schola, confirmed that security guards apprehended both suspects and handed them over to police.