The weak puppy was treated for dehydration.
Just days after the Daily Voice reported on such incidents, paramedics saved a puppy after a man tried to sell it on the streets of Cape Town on Saturday afternoon.

Dr Jan Killop and her colleague Geoff Bettison were conducting a route inspection for an event being held near the Waterfront, ER24 spokesman Werner Vermaak said.

While patrolling, they came across a man who tried to sell the puppy to Killop for R10.

Vermaak said: “She immediately noticed that the puppy appeared to be extremely weak and dehydrated. She decided to intervene and help the puppy. The police were also called to the scene.”

Killop and Bettison returned to the clinic station at the event where paramedics helped her rehydrate the puppy.

“Event organisers soon heard about the ordeal and offered to sponsor him for a full vet check-up as well as food, toys and a bed.

“Once they returned to the clinic from the vet, the puppy was bathed and cared for until he started showing positive signs of rehydration.”

The puppy, believed to be four weeks old, was bound to make a full recovery.

Last week, the Daily Voice staff members were also offered a puppy for R20, along Duinefontein Road, in Manenberg.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA says mense trying to sell puppies on the street will be arrested on charges of animal cruelty.