Retreat shooting leaves four injured and one dead.

A man recalls the terrifying moments when a gunman opened fire through a home’s window, injuring five people and killing one woman.

The scene of Saturday’s shooting is across the road from the house where police recently found an explosive device, firearms and ammunition.

A 30-year-old man was arrested and charged with possession of explosives and ammunition.

Neville Fish, 45, says they were about “six or so” people sitting in the living room of the 12th Avenue, Retreat home when he heard shots coming through the window in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Five people, including his brother Patrick Fish, 28, were wounded and their friend Berenice Africa, 41, died in the attack.

Berenice was hit by bullets despite her boyfriend, Arthur Sylvester, 32, shielding her with his own body.

Arthur and two others were still in hospital, while Patrick and Leeroy Clayton, 31, were recovering at home.

“The door was locked and so [the gunman] shot through the window and broke it,” explains Neville.

“I don’t know how many shots were fired. We all tried to get cover,” he adds.

Erroline George says she heard more than 10 shots.

“We counted about eight holes in the wall,” she says.

“It’s the second time in a week that our house was targeted. Last week my friend was shot and died in the living room.

“They [gunmen] followed him to the door but they were too scared to come inside the house.

Hulle dink ons hou gangsters aan by die huis,” she says.

Berenice’s daughter Mckayla Africa, 17, says she had been planning to move back with her mother.

“My mother and I haven’t seen each other since April,” she says.

“For the past two weeks I wanted to tell her that I want to move back but I don’t know what kept me away from her.

“I want the people who did this to her to feel what I am feeling right now,” she cries.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel André Traut says no arrests were made yet.

“A murder and attempted murder case was opened,” he says.