RAPE CASE: Grabouw school

A 55-year-old teacher says he can’t understand why his jolmeit of the past eight years would accuse him of rape.

The experienced onnie told the Grabouw Magistrates’ Court yesterday how shocked he was when he discovered he was being arrested for allegedly raping his colleague on two occasions.

The Grabouw man who cannot be identified until he has pleaded, told the court he had consensual sex with the complainant three days before his arrest and exchanged messages with her minutes before he was handcuffed on Women’s Day on August 9 .

He also admitted to jolling with his colleague for the past eight years and claimed she declared her love to him on several occasions.

But prosecutor Joshua Chiliza informed the court the complainant allegedly fears for her life after the incidents that allegedly took place on July 9 and August 6.

Because of this, the bail application is now a schedule 6 application and is opposed by the state.

The prosecutor read out a long list of injuries allegedly sustained by the woman, including bruises on her arms and legs and signs of forced sexual penetration.

Several of the accused’s relatives, friends and colleagues wanted to know where the juffrou is.

“She told everybody she’s going for an operation but look what happened instead,” said one woman.

The Western Cape Education Department says the woman was absent from school and would be receiving counselling.

The bail application will resume today.