COMPLAINTS: Gregg Fick said Gayton was selling the party out to ANC

He wanted Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie se ding to pyn, but now it appears disgruntled PA member Gregg Fick se krag gaan trip.

Fick is expected to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee after calling his leader a liegbek who wanted to sell the party out to the ANC.

McKenzie says Fick must “state his case” on Monday and possibly get a second chance.

“He will be getting a letter to appear before a disciplinary committee on Monday so he can state his case,” McKenzie says.

“(Other members) have told me he is one unbalanced individual. He resigned so we appointed someone else after his resignation.

“I am glad he is still a member of the party, we need all the votes we can get.

“He must just come and apologise and ask for a second chance. I got a second chance in life and I will gladly plead for him to get a second chance.”

HARREGAT: PA’s Gayton McKenzie

McKenzie previously told the Daily Voice he did not know Fick, or even when he joined the party, even though Fick’s face is on an election poster.

He didn’t want to comment on these statements yesterday.

When Daily Voice contacted Fick to ask about the impending disciplinary hearing, he said he wasn’t informed of it.

“I have no knowledge about a letter or appearing before a disciplinary committee,” he says.

“I find it strange that he doesn’t know me but I must appear before a disciplinary committee.”

Fick adds that McKenzie will shun anyone who challenges him.

“He wants to run the party the way he wants to and he will kick out anyone who goes up against him.”

Fick admits he resigned from the party to prove a point.

“I sent a WhatsApp message on the group informing them of my resignation,” he says.

“The next day I withdrew my resignation but during those 24 hours, I continued with my work for the party.

“They never acted on my resignation and I never met with the national executive committee, so I am still the leader in the Cape Metro and provincial secretary.”