VIRAL: Accidental vagina post

A South African mom will think twice before sending sexy selfies to her husband again after her vagina went viral on social media.

Mom Margaret van Wyk reportedly posted a picture of her genitals intended for her hubby on a hockey moms’ WhatsApp group in North West, where she lives.

She apologised and said the picture was meant for Chris, believed to be her husband, and thought the matter over.

But then one of the moms made a screengrab of her their conversation and shared it.

It reached Twitter and went viral quickly under the hashtag #MargaretVanWyk.

The embarrassing pic spawned a slew of memes and trended on Twitter this week.

Her vagina has been compared to a chop on the braai, and likened to the town Diepsloot.

Even the jokers at Nando’s got in on the bullying, making a poster specially for Margaret.

It read, “Magaret, we’ve seen your poultry. It’s priceless. For everything else there’s our chicken.”

But some, like @THEOLA07 felt the bullying went too far. “Was so Confused why #margaretvanwyk was trending. Now that I do know, I think it’s sad that people would repost and humiliate her further.”

Margaret has since deleted her Facebook account, and according to legal experts, she may have grounds to sue those who have taunted her on the internet.