‘New Age’ in trouble for exposing family



August 15, 2016
‘New Age’ in trouble for exposing family

CONTROVERSY: Article in Fridays 'The New Age'

Newspaper breaches court order by sharing Zephany Nurse's aunt's name.

The Centre for Child Law is considering taking legal action after the The New Age revealed information that could lead to the discovery of Zephany’s real identity.

The newspaper on Friday reported that the 19-year-old was pregnant, just a day after closing arguments were heard in in court.

Zephany’s legal representative, Ann Skelton, said she was concerned that the name of the teen’s aunt was mentioned in the story.

This was a breach of the high court order granted in April last year which prevented the media from revealing Zephany’s real name or any information that may reveal her identity.

TAKING ACTION: Centre for Child Law’s Ann Skelton has fought to protect the identity of Zephany Nurse

It’s the reason why the name of the woman who snatched Zephany from her cot at a maternity ward at Groote Schuur hospital in 1997 was never mentioned in the media.

“The media coverage by the newspaper was inappropriate, The New Age is skating on thin ice,” Skelton said.

She is discussing the matter with Joburg lawyer Steven Budlender, who obtained the court order.

“The report itself says that the reporter did not speak to Zephany and rather the aunt,” she said.

“Pregnancy news is not in the public interest – in what way does it contribute to understanding the case and the sentencing process? This young girl’s |dignity and privacy is being trampled.”

Judge Yahya Hlophe was adamant that any mention of Zephany’s testimony would be in contempt of court.

“The newspaper might also be in contravention of Judge Hlophe’s order,” said Skelton.

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