Nestlé’s baby food hoax



August 12, 2016
Nestlé’s baby food hoax

Nestle South Africa declares baby food WhatsApp message a hoax. CREDIT: ANA

Nestlé SA declared a message, going around on messenger WhatsApp, saying the company was recalling the banana baby food as a hoax.

A message circulating on WhatsApp from Nestlé South Africa recalling the banana baby food products “because it may contain glass” is a hoax, the company says.

Nestlé SA said it was aware of the messages asking consumers to return the products expiring in 2017.

“We would like to advise the public that this is not true as Nestlé South Africa has not issued a recall of any product. Furthermore, Nestlé South Africa does not package any of its baby food products in glass packaging,” spokesperson Motshidisi Mokwena said.

“This is an erroneous message that has been circulating since 2011 following a precautionary recall of one batch of a specific product in France in 2011.”

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