Naming plan in place Mandla and Rabia’s baby



May 29, 2017
Naming plan in place Mandla and Rabia’s baby

COUPLE: Mandla Mandela and wife Rabia Clarke

Mandla Mandela will reveal the name of his new son in the Eastern Cape next month.

Two weeks ago, Mandla welcomed his first child with his fourth wife Rabia Clarke.

Nelson Mandela’s grandson teased his over 17 000 Instagram followers with a picture of his tiny infant son holding his hand.

Mandla and Rabia tied the knot in February last year.

Rabia gave birth to her first baby in Cape Town but the couple will do the traditional naming ceremony in the Eastern Cape in June, Mandla revealed.

Mandla, who is the traditional leader of the royal house of Mandela and Mvezo traditional council, captioned the Instagram picture with the following: “We are thrilled to announce the birth of our first baby in Cape Town today.

“The name will be revealed following a traditional naming ceremony in the next week or two.”

The excited dad added: “We cannot wait to introduce our child to the people of Mvezo Khomkhulu.”

Yesterday Mandla told the Weekend Argus a date for the ceremony hasn’t been set yet.

“It will be coming up when we go back (to the Eastern Cape) after the recess,” he says.

“I will be on recess probably from 15 June and then we will be heading back home.”

Mandla, who converted to Islam before he married Rabia, added: “I wouldn’t take that away from the family and my community. I will let it rather be announced by them.

“I might be the chief but I still have a community to account to and I would love them to own that as the elders they should be the ones to bestow the names upon my son.”

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