HOME: Mark Felix from Hillview shows off his poor man’s palace.     CREDIT: Patrick Louw
HOME: Mark Felix from Hillview shows off his poor man’s palace. CREDIT: Patrick Louw
He may not be living in a million dollar mansion, but this dad believes his pimped out shack is good enough to feature on Top Billing.

The Cape Flats barber is busy building his dream home, made out of zinc and wood, in an informal settlement near Lavender Hill.

Mark Felix, 30, his wife Samantha, 30, and their two kids, aged two and nine, have been living in the dusty streets of Hillview for 10 years.

Mark says like thousands of other mense, he has been on the housing waiting list.

But then he got tired of waiting for bricks and mortar to arrive, and decided to build his own house.

The three-bedroom home boasts a balcony, sunken lounge, a “fireplace”, a braai area, its own flush toilet and built-in kitchen cupboards.

Mark uses any piece of wood or material he can lay his hands on to add onto his paleis.

The barber says he’s always had the creative touch, even as a child.

“I always tell people, it doesn’t matter where you live, you can make your home beautiful,” he tells the Daily Voice.

“I am building my dream home, one day my brick home will look like this.”

The fireplace isn’t real, but what’s a mansion without one.

“My friend was going to throw these (pallets) away but I decided I wanted a fireplace and a sunken lounge. A fire can’t be made here but it gives you that warm relaxing feeling,” he says.

Showing off his spacious bedroom, Mark jokes: “This is my headboard and I just shaped the pellets to look like a crown because I am the king of the house.”

But his crowning glory is his balcony, with kwaai views of Hillview.

“I wanted a place to relax with my family and friends, even just to have my breakfast and watch the view,” Mark says.

“It took me a few months to build this.”

Community leader Fouzia Cassiem says Mark is a good example for their community: “You get some men who don’t want to work but he is making a difference in the community and inside his home.”

Samantha says her husband is always busy with a hammer and wood: “I support him in what he is doing and he always said he wants to be on Top Billing.”