Mitchell Plain to get more CCTV cameras to combat crime



June 5, 2017
Mitchell Plain to get more CCTV cameras to combat crime

CCTV cameras to help catch criminals.

Additional CCTV cameras will be installed in Mitchells Plain to boost the fight against crime in the area.
The police do not have enough officers on the ground to combat crime. It will also reduce the time in which the police respond to the crime.

The area has 20 CCTV cameras, but residents say that is not enough.

Eddie Andrews, a councillor for Mitchells Plain, has welcomed the initiative.

He said the cameras would be installed across Mitchells Plain.

“It will be funded by ward allocation funds. The consultative process has commenced, with all stakeholders, including both the police and law enforcement agencies.

“The installation will be guided by crime hot spots to monitor multiple streets.

“The community has been calling for CCTV cameras.

“These cameras will be monitored, and as a result will act as a deterrent and support the enforcement agencies on the ground,” Andrews said.

Abe Isaacs, the chairperson of the Mitchells Plain Community Policing Forum, said: “I think that it would be great to have more CCTV cameras in Mitchells Plain.

“We welcome the crime prevention initiative, because we also have a problem with drag racing. Currently the crime hot spots we have in Mitchells Plain are AZ Berman and Eisleben Roads.”
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