GONE: Elgin Skippers, 34, of Scottsville was killed.

The family of a murdered man says he was gunned down in cold blood –  because he was wearing the same jacket as the killers’ intended victim.

The community of Scottsville is in shock after Elgin Skippers, 34, was shot and killed near his parents’ home in Green Street on Saturday night.

Elgin was very close to his elderly mother, Mina Skippers, 69, whom he looked after.

A grieving Mina yesterday said: “Hy was ’n huiskind wat maar heeldag om my gedraai het.

“He was my youngest and not involved in any criminal activities.

“It was after eight and I was in bed already when I heard the gunshots, I thought it was klappertjies.

“Elgin was walking a friend home to Green Street. People came running in here shouting that I must come, Ellie was shot.

“It was a such a big shock to me, he was then just around the corner.

“Ellie didn’t deserve this, he was good and kind, soft-hearted, and everyone here knew him.”

Meanwhile, it is speculated that Elgin was killed in a case of mistaken identity.

A person who asked not to be identified told Daily Voice: “He was wearing a black jacket, the shooters were looking for someone in a black jacket like that.”

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut confirmed the incident: “(Saturday) night at 8.40pm a 34-year-old man was shot and killed on the corner of Green and Aandblom Streets, Scottsville, by an unknown suspect who is yet to be arrested.

“The circumstances are being investigated.”