MIN GESPIN: "General" Jan Alexander

Police are investigating a case of fraud and housebreaking against the alleged mastermind behind an army recruitment scam.

But “General” Jan Alexander, the Western Cape leader of the so-called Khoisan Kingdom and All People (KKAAP), is min gespin and believes “this case will be thrown out of court”.

A former policeman says he will not rest until Alexander is behind bars for “extorting money from the poor”.

The Daily Voice previously exposed the KKAAP, also operating as the South African Cape Core Military Veterans Association (SACCMA), Amabutu and Cape Coloured Corp, who promise desperate mense jobs in the army with monthly salaries of up to R45 000 a month.

People are promised “integration” into the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), but must pay a joining fee ranging from R150 to R2000.

Alexander is believed to have recruited over 5 000 hopefuls in the Western Cape.

But retired Mitchells Plain cop, Keith Figg, 55, who joined in May, and Nazeem Arnold, 48, and Clarence Alexander, 49, say they are no closer to joining the army than when they first signed up to KKAAP.

“He’s been recruiting people since 2010, his purpose was to get money out of them,” Figg says.

“I paid R580 to join because I’m a former employee of the State. I was very suspicious (at first) but after two months of research and calling people I decided to join,” he says.

“I started asking a lot of questions. We wanted to know where the money was going because there is no budget committee and no bank account.

“He’s using the money to support himself and his family. The people he’s been extorting the money from are poor and many gave up their jobs.”

“Whenever there’s a meeting, he asks for donations and if you don’t make a donation you lose your rank.”

Keith says he spent “about R7 000” since he joined in March.

“My aim is to get him into jail and after that we are going to assist the Khoisan people with the integration,” he says.

Nazeem says he laid a charge of housebreaking against Alexander after he allegedly stole sensitive documents from his home. Alexander had lived with him for a while but moved out in April, allegedly taking KKAAP members’ details with him.

But Alexander brushed off the allegations saying: “I’m in Pretoria busy with the integration which will happen in two months.

“We are just waiting for a phone call from the Minister (of Defence) and then our members will be integrated.”

Alexander says he’s aware of the charges against him.

“I’ve been arrested several times before and the case has been kicked out,” he boasts.

Daai saak sal niks kan doen aan my nie. If the court throws out this case then I will lay a charge against that person,” he says.

But SANDF spokesperson Brigadier General Xolani Mabanga confirms it’s a scam.

“There is no integration taking place. The SANDF does not use any agent or third party to recruit new members,” he says.

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed the charges against Alexander.

“No one has been arrested at this stage,” she says.