Oh my gush!



July 5, 2017
Oh my gush!

WASTEFUL: Tikkoppe stole brass water meters in Rocklands resulting in the liquid gushing away

Mense kwaad as water cut off after tikkoppe steal meters

While the City of Cape Town and concerned residents are sukkeling to save water, heartless tikkoppe in Mitchells Plain are apparently min gepla that our taps are running dry.

Rocklands residents say drug addicts went on a spree yesterday stealing brass water meters from several homes.

The meters, which are located under metal covers on the pavement, had been ripped out and stolen during the early hours of the morning.

Many residents woke up to find their water cut off and the precious liquid running down the streets.

Gadija Smith, who lives in Buccaneer Street, says she woke up early to make Fajr salaah and got a skrik when she saw there was no water.

“I woke up at 5am and wanted to do my morning prayers, then I saw there was no water. My son got ready for work and as he left he said: ‘Mummy, hulle het jou meter gesteel’.”

Clarence Trouncel, vice-chairperson of the Seaview Block Watch, says members spotted one of the skelms before 6am and chased after him, but he was too fast.

“We chased him right through Rocklands all the way to Kapteinsklip side but he escaped,” he says.

“This is not the first time this has happened. They come in the early hours and they are so clever, they watch for when we patrol so they can steal in peace.

“When they take the meter out, the water connection is broken and the water starts running.”

Area South Mayco member, Eddie Andrews, says a total of 15 water meters were stolen in the Rocklands area.

“The Rocklands area has experienced quite a number of these instances over the past month, but this type of theft occurs across the city.”

Resident Gamieda Jaffer, says the mense living in Galaxy Street are also upset because their water was turned off while City workers carried out repairs.

“Jassis, it’s ridiculous! Kyk hoe mors hulle nou water! I mean ma, we are in a drought,” she says.

   KWAAD: Resident was goed die moer in at skelms

Trouncel says they believe the illegal scrapyards are the cause of the problem.

“If they don’t buy the copper meters, then the people won’t steal it in the first place. We know it’s the drug addicts and tikkoppe who are stealing the meters to feed their habit.”

When the Daily Voice visited Rocklands yesterday, City workers could be seen installing plastic meters.

The latest figures by the City of Cape Town show dam storage levels are at 25.3% but only 15.3% of this water is usable.

The City introduced Level 4B water restrictions and mense can only use 87 litres of water per person per day.

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